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The mezzanine shelves make the best use of the height of the warehouse, and can double, triple or multiple times the use area. The installation of mezzanine floor system is an ideal solution to maximize the available space by using the height of the building.

 It can be used as an office area or as a warehouse to store goods. If it is used to deposit goods, as for the means of transportation, according to the properties of the goods, you can choose to use elevators, slides, sliding doors or stairs to move goods manually.


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Racking Supported Mezzanine Floor System

Racking Supported Mezzanine Floor System

Mezzanines and Work platforms are a cost efficient way of utilizing the unused vertical space within your storage facility. A good mezzanine allows to increase storage capacity without increasing the square footage of your property. Additional space would mean additional property tax, but a used mezzanine wouldn’t be considered additional space.

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