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Mezzanine Storage Shelving

1. Fully assembled structure, movable, adjustable, detachable, simple and flexible; Multiple USES (office, production, service, storage);

2. Can increase the utilization rate several times on the existing site, and the storage rate can reach 90%, which is convenient for warehouse management and saves labor cost;

3. Column, main beam and auxiliary beam adopt optimized section, with good load bearing performance and stable overall structure;

4. After rust removal, degreasing and phosphating on the surface of all parts and components on the shelf, electrostatic powder coating of epoxy resin will be carried out;

5. 24 Hours on site service, professional free on site design, according to the actual situation of your warehouse design, detailed understanding can be on site for you to make a variety of plans, give you an investment budget;


Specifications Of Mezzanine Storage Shelving

MaterialHigh quality steel,q235
FinishPowder coated
FeatureCorrosion protection
Please kindly contact us if you need any other  size, we will give you a quick response.

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