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Pallet Racking Mezzanine Floors

Pallet racking mezzanine floor system, can double the building area. By building instead of expanding, you can take advantage of valuable unused vertical storage space. A smart and cost-effective way to increase manufacturing, storage, distribution or office space with minimal disturbance to your work floor area.

By using the vertical space above the rows of shelving units, you can also use existing shelving units to design a mezzanine system supported by the shelves, doubling your storage space area.

From the design and layout of the mezzanine floor to the construction and installation of the steel mezzanine system, our professional storage solution service can ensure your complete satisfaction.


Advantages Of Pallet Racking Mezzanine Floors

Customer cases

Customer cases

Adding mezzanine racking system can be the most cost efficient way to increase warehouse storage space without the expense of a building expansion.

We have shelving mezzanine bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

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