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Pallet Shelving And Storage Racks

They offer Prompt, Complete Pallet Racking Service

The factory is equipped to handle all processes of the racking from roll forming the steel coil to painting the finished racking frame and beam, thus ensuring that we can exercise strict control over manufacture. Also we can offer you a prompt service in design of the racking, production of the racking and delivery.

As companies now find themselves facing increasingly higher demands on utilising warehouse storage space, ever greater requirements are in turn being placed on their racking supplier. We firmly believe these demands can be met.


Why Choose Maobang Racking Company?

Why Choose Maobang Racking Company?

They are Highly Recommended

Many renowned international companies specify to meet their storage requirements. The reason is simple, they know that the Maobang Racking combines the highest quality engineered racking system, custom designed and manufactured to exacting standards.

The selective pallet racking system has many advantages. Some of these features include direct access to the pallet and prevent damage to the goods due to compression. On average, the price of each pallet is very low. The unique locking system in the selective pallet racking system can prevent the rack from detaching and damage. This is why the selective pallet racking system is the easiest to install among all other types of pallet racking systems on the market. The end user wants to optimize the following factors: the accessibility of all pallet loads, space utilization and equipment utilization to maximize overall efficiency. The key end users of selective pallet racking systems are the logistics and warehousing industries. Logistics and warehousing is one of the most popular industries in any country because it manages the flow of products from the base location to its consumption or destination. 

Therefore, the industry also covers the integration of warehousing, material handling, transportation, packaging, supply chain management, inventory management and transportation security. Various end use industries are planning to improve and upgrade their existing warehouse and storage management systems.

Characteristic Of Pallet Shelving And Storage Racks

  • Ability to store lots of references

  • Direct and selective access to all loading units

  • Easy control of stocks

  • Easy combination with picking systems

  • Simple system

Maobang offers custom rack selective for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

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