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Philippines Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving is the ideal solution for a wide range of storage components including small components, heavy cartons and bulky items. It is fast and easy to assemble, and uses a unique modular design, giving you maximum storage in minutes. 

We can supply long, uninterrupted spans of up to 3000mm, which also makes our Longspan Shelving ideal for large bulky items. 

Medium duty shelves are easily adjusted at a later time if storage requirements ever change. Wide span shelving racks incorporates a wide variety of beams and frames to suit any need, from small components to heavy cartons.


Specifications Of Philippines Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving

Load Capacity700kg /layer500kg / layer300kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright70*60*1.670*60*1.550*55*1.5Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*2.060*40*1.860*40*1.6Can be Customized
Decking(mm)1.0(thickness)0.70.7Can be Customized

Feature Of Philippines Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving

Industrial Racking System Manufacturers

Item Code: Warehouse Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving.

Industrial Warehouse Racking

Material: Cold-rolled Steel.

Heavy Duty Industrial Racking

Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Spray Powder coating.

Automated Warehouse Racking System

Load Capacity: 100-500kg/layer.

High Bay Racking Warehouse

Layers per unit: 4-6 layers. Can be customized.

Small Warehouse Racking

Color:Blue,Orange, Grey (any color can be customized).

Metal Warehouse Racking

Feature:Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection. No nut, bolts or shelf clips. It is easy to be installed.

Warehouse Shelf Racks

Packing: Knockdown package by cartons and air bubbule foam. Safe for long-distance transportation.

Long Span shelving Suits

Warehouse Rack And Shelf

High density storage of small parts.

Warehouse Racks For Sale

Light and medium duty loads.

Warehouse Rack Suppliers

Archiving of documents, plan, files, etc.

Warehouse Rack For Sale

Retail display shelving.

Heavy Duty Industrial Racking

Lighter duty racking system suitable for small to medium-sized goods.

Why choose MAOBANG rack?

Why choose MAOBANG rack?

Only high quality RAW STEEL, by largest steel factories in China, is used for our warehouse storage equipment.

With large scale production, we are in a good position to lower product costs without compromising quality.

A wide range of different racking types are offered to suit different storage needs.

We provide free but expert advice proposed racking solutions for your kind reference.

Quick delivery. Within 25 days for ordinary order quantity.

Guangzhou MAOBANG storage equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, selling and installing all types of warehouse racks, storage shelves and pallet rack, etc.

With over 300 workers, we can meet your large need.

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