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Shelving And Racking

The selective pallet racking system can quickly and easily access the location of each product. It is the perfect choice for industries where inventory consumption is rapid and needs to be restocked in time. The selective pallet rack system is generally suitable for large warehouses, such as supermarkets, retail stores, logistics, cold, wholesale malls, etc.


Components of selective rack

Components of selective rack

1. Box beams

2. Upright frames

3. Diagonal braces and horizontal braces

4. Support bar( For supporting the pallet)

5. Wire decking

6. Footplates

7. Row spacers

8. Column protectors 

9. Guard rails

Characteristic Of Shelving And Racking

  • Made up by adaptable frames and beams.

  • Can be used as heavy duty shelving.

  • Improve space usage greatly.

We have rack selective bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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