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Steel Warehouse Shelving

Widespan racking

Cheapest and functional solution for all kinds of storage and low weight products. Designed with lots of different configurations, easy to set heights, distribution and weight levels. This storage system is usually used on the standard dimensions but it can also be adapted to the dimensions that the client requires.


BENEFITS of warehouse racking light duty storage rack

BENEFITS of warehouse racking light duty storage rack
  • Easy assemble and disarmed. 

  • Easy to transport. 

  • Facilitates stock control.

  • Cheap and functional. 

  • Easy Access.

  • Lots of different applications.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Steel Warehouse Shelving

01. Advantages Of Steel Warehouse Shelving

Simple stock management.


Adaptable to any product volume, weight or size.


Cost savings through wide span beams with piston lock connectors.


Fully assembled structure, free combination, convenient and flexible installation and disassembly.


02. Applications Of Steel Warehouse Shelving

Pallet Rack Factory

Low weight products.

Pallet Rack Company

For materials that require more protection.

Pallet Rack Supplier

Open shelving applications.

Racking System Supplier

Ideal for material resistant to deterioration.

Pallet Storage Rack Manufacturers

Lots of different combinations.

Pallet Rack Manufacturers

Possibility to expand the system.

Warehouse Pallet Storage Rack

Ideal to store boxes, big packages and long pieces.

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