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Used Racking Shelving

Wide span storage rack units combine four basic components, Upright frames, Stringers,Plain metal plate, built in beam.

Medium-sized racks are a type of storage racks. They are distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelves. According to this division principle, 200kg warehouse storage rackings are between light-duty shelves and heavy-duty shelves, hence the name medium-sized shelves. Usually the shelf carries 150kg-500kg per layers (most of the racks loads are calculated based on the carrying capacity of the layer)


Specifications Of Used Racking Shelving

200KGW1500*D600*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey
200KGW2000*D400*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey
200KGW2000*D500*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey
200KGW2000*D600*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey
300KGW2000*D600*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey/Orange
500KGW2000*D600*H2000*4 layerBlue/Grey/Orange

FAQ Of Used Racking Shelving

Are samples available?

Yes, samples are available at any time.

But due to the big size, we would like to suggest you to check some raw material if you just want to check the quality. If you have container needs to be shipped together recently, then you can buy any quantity you want.

What if you encounter problems during installation?

We will provide detailed install instruction for every type of shelf.  If needed, we can also ask engineers to teach you by phone, face-time or video.

Could you produce the goods in OEM and ODM design?

Sure, we have very rich experience in customizing shelves.

What are main rack and add on rack?

The difference between these two kinds of racks is upright. Main rack is the start rack with 2 uprights and add on rack is the continue rack with only 1 upright.

What is your packing?

Generally, storage rack are flat packed by air bubble film. Other packing like wooden box are available to clients’ requirement.

What if we can't install it or we don't have installers?

For the racking mezzanine floor case or big project, if needed, we can offer our technical staff to guide the installation job. Moreover, we have professional installation team to deal with the installation work. So, please do not worry about that.

Characteristic Of Used Racking Shelving

Characteristic Of Used Racking Shelving
  • The number of layers and the width of each layer can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  • Ideal choice for different types of goods.

  • All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

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