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Warehouse Double Deep Pallet Racking

Drive in pallet rack systems follow the principle of "Store first, take later ". Due to the high storage density, the drive in&thru rack has relatively high overall investment cost and high floor space utilization rate.

It is often used in cold storage and other places with high storage space cost. Corridor shelves are ideal for storage applications where the variety of goods is small but the quantity is large.

Drive in beam pallet racking is designed to use pallets to store the same type of goods.Using the shelf rail to push a pallet of goods, there is a lot of storage density space to improve the utilization rate. Generally applicable to the high cost, warehouse rental expensive sites such as frozen warehouses.


Purchasing Notes Of Warehouse Double Deep Pallet Racking

1. Know the pallet size, fork direction and pallet bearing capacity.

2. Warehouse length, width and height.

3. Specification of forklift.

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