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Warehouse Industrial Material Storage Light Duty Racking

Light duty rack is also called light weight storage racking shelf, widespan rack or longspan rack. The Light duty rack is made of high quality cold plate and Q235B steel. It is assembled by one-time roll forming by an automated rolling mill. The light shelf column adopts a butterfly hole design. No tools are required for assembly and splicing. Each layer can be adjusted up and down with a 50mm pitch.

Beautiful and tidy, suitable for storage of materials, or manual access occasions. Light weight material industrial storage rack overall adopt screw free combination design(Boltless), easy to install and disassemble. Maobang offer a wide range of storage racks to meet your needs. For more information, please contact us directly.


Features of Light Duty Industrial Warehouse Racks

Features of Light Duty Industrial Warehouse Racks

1. Reinforced ribs are used at the bottom of the steel panel to ensure the racking shelf capacity and durability of the racking system;

2. Light duty racking shelves can be added with partitions, material boxes, etc. on the shelf to make clothing shelves and hardware material shelves;

3. The standard wide span rack has 4 layers, which can be added or subtracted. Customers can adjust the layer spacing of each layer according to their needs;

4. The product has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean, easy to install, etc.;

5. The surface of the shelf is treated with environmentally friendly plastic spraying, which is non-toxic, tasteless, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant;

6. Light duty longspan racks have beautiful appearance and easy assembly. Multiple groups of light-duty racks can be connected to the main and auxiliary racks to increase the overall stability of the rack and save costs.

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