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Warehouse Pallet Storage Racking System

Warehouse Pallet Storage Racking System is a kinds of the double deep pallet rack, adjustable paller storage system and selective warehouse pallet racking.

Heavy-duty pallet racks have high space utilization, convenient access, low cost, quick installation and disassembly, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems. 

They are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and are suitable for multiple varieties Small batch items are also suitable for small variety and large batch items.

The structure is simple, safe and reliable, can adjust the combination arbitrarily, not limited by the sequence of goods in and out of storage.It is widely used in pallet storage and forklift storage.


Specifications Of Warehouse Pallet Storage Racking System

MaterialCold rolled steel
Typeheavy duty pallet rack
characteristicsCorrosion protection
Usagewarehouse, storehouse, repertory, depot, express company, logistics Centre
Product FeaturesEliminates the need for wooden pallets for loose cargo.

Hygienic: Does not allow dirt or dust to build up.

Customized to suit your products and storage environment.

Assembled and disassembled within seconds.

Improve Visibility: Increase lighting and access for operators

4. When not in use can be stowed away in less than 10% of space

No Maintenance required.

Available finishes including galvanized, hot dip galvanized or powder coating.

What Information We Need

Pallet Rack Beams

The size of your warehouse.

Pallet Rack Decking

What is the weight of your goods for each layer?

Pallet Rack Divider

How many SKU you want to storage?

What Maobang Company Will Provide You

Pallet Rack Drum Cradle

A various of warehouse racks, as lightweight layer rack, cantilever rack, pallet rack, mezzanine and work platform.

Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Over 20 years industry experience in producing, designing, installing storage rack.

Pallet Rack Supports

Factory direct selling wholesale price.

Pallet Rack Uprights

More than 20 persons professional technical team.

Pallet Rack Shelving

After-sales support for reply within 24 hours.

Choose Maobang single selective racking, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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