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Warehouse Widespan Racking System

Warehouse storage shelf is a very economical, practical and convenient storage rack, Because of its light weight , so it is often called light duty shelf. Storage shelves are composed of three components: columns, beams and laminates.The lightweight shelves adopt the combined design without screws, easy to install and disassemble.Suitable for storing some light and small goods, is a laminated shelf.The structure of the light shelf is the same as that of the medium, which can be disassembled and assembled from the same, and the height can be adjusted freely with the spacing of 7.5cm.


Advantage Of Warehouse Lonng Span Storage Rack

Advantage Of Warehouse Lonng Span Storage Rack

1. Fully assembled structure, convenient and flexible to assemble, install and disassemble at will.

2, the material section of the shelf is optimized, and a variety of pipe materials are selected to improve the bearing capacity.

3. The laminates are wood and steel plates for choice. The height of the column is equipped with adjustment hole spacing every 50mm, which can be used between layers according to the height of the goods.

4, surface treatment using polishing, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spray treatment, according to the customer specified color spray, with beautiful color, not easy oxidation, easy to clean and other advantages.

5, less capital investment, widely used in factories, shopping malls and other storage needs.

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