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Wholesale Warehouse Steel Shelves

Wholesale Warehouse Steel Shelves is one kinds of Long span storage rack or adjustable metal steel shelves. combines advantages of findustrial shelving and commercial rack. It is widely used in logistic, pharmacy, catering industry, and any any place where there has goods. 


Specifications Of Wholesale Warehouse Steel Shelves

Brand nameMAOBANG (Factory Overseas sales department)
Product detailsProduct nameWarehouse style shelving
TreatmentWith electrostatic spraying and acid phosphating treatment, is solid in construction and anti-rust in appearance.
Load capacity100 to 500kg /layer (or customized)
Size for reference(mm)Different thickness,size,layers,and colors are available for you options.
ApplicationExpress, logistic, pharmacy, kitchen etc
FeatureCorrosion protection
Components:Upright Frames,Channel supports, Step Beams,Lateral Supports,Foot Plate
ServicesStandard racks, OEM or ODM racks
Layer2 to 5 layers or customized

Advantages Of Wide Span Racks

Advantages Of Wide Span Racks
  • The number of layers and the width of each layer can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  • Ideal choice for different types of goods.

  • All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Cost effective.

  • Space saved.

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