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Adjustable Factory Storage Rack

Our medium duty shelving is designed for small to medium sized goods in commercial and industrial warehouse storage settings where goods are fast moving and require easy access. It is basically an ideal storage system for hand stacking plus, the shelves are adjustable and can be customized as per the storage requirements.


Specifications Of Adjustable Factory Storage Rack

Product nameMedium duty adjustable steel storage rack warehouse rack
Structures1, Upright frames( 2 upright column and braces)

2, Beam with hanger( to hang into upright)

3, Support decking: MDF, steel plate

4, Section of upright: 55*45

section of beam: 80*60mm, 60*40mm

5, Thickness of steel:

Beam: 1,2mm.1,5mm,1.8mm

Upright: 1.5mm,1.8mm,2.0mm
Size1, Normal size: L2000xD600xH2000

2, Length of beam: 1000mm to 3600mm

Depth: 400 to 01200mm

Height of upright: within 5000mm

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Warehouse Shelving

We have a wide range of product category for you to choose, from regular products to OEM and ODM products.

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Since 1998, factory+ trade, factory more than 13000m², office area 50m² in Guangzhou.

Warehouse Shelving Units

We offer OME and ODM service with our own strong innovation ability.

Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems

We use thick steel and guarantee high coating quality.

Warehouse Storage Shelves

We provide installation drawings and video instruction for free.

Warehouse Shelving Layout

Annual production capacity: 15000 sets of shelves.

Maobang offers custom medium duty storage rack for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

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