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Assemble Mezzanines Storage Racking

assemble mezzanines storage racking is one kinds of heavy duty metal mezzanines storage racking, certificated mobile mezzanines shelf,  adjustable mezzanines floor.

Using unused vertical space in storage facilities is an effective way to improve economy benefits. Create more usage space within the existing fixed range, and at the same time, there are many different styles of mezzanine to choose from. In addition to these options, there are different types of flooring, stairs/ladders, railings, security doors and catwalks to choose from. Which one you will use depends on the location and purpose of your facility.

Generally, the mezzanine is about 4-8 meters, and the mezzanine can be freely designed as two or three layers according to customer requirements to make full use of storage space. This kind of interlayer is widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics, light industry and machinery.


Highlights Of Assemble Mezzanines Storage Racking

Highlights Of Assemble Mezzanines Storage Racking
  • Mezzanine racking system is suitable for most kind of warehouse condition

  • Mezzanine floor can be customized according to your warehouse size.

  • Bolted structure can be assemble and disassemble easily

  • Enlarge your storage space at a relative lower cost

  • Full use of vertical space

  • Reduce wasted space

  • Maximize the space

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang mezzanine storage rack will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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