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Available Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Many companies have trouble in warehouse storage. How can we increase our warehouse usage? Let me introduce you some warehouse racks.

Are you looking for a storage solution suitable for small to mid sized products? At the same time, you need simple stock picking accessibility. We can offer you a Warehouse Storage Solutions and meet your requirement.

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves Long span shelving is the most popular storage  solution for hands handling goods. It is easy to install, easily adjustable and removable. They can be boltless or with nuts and bolts.


Specifications Of Available Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

NameWide Span Rack

Load Capacity700kg /layer500kg / layer300kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright70*60*1.670*60*1.550*55*1.5Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*2.060*40*1.860*40*1.6Can be Customized
Decking(mm)1.0(thickness)0.70.7Can be Customized

ADVANTAGES OF Manila Available Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

ADVANTAGES OF Manila Available Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

1. Uninterrupted spans up to 3 metres. Can used for storing long items.

2. It is Expandable. You can add additional shelf one by one as you want.

3. High density storage, you can store much more goods than before.

4. Modular design, you can add or reduce shelf units as you want.

5 Years warranty: we are the only company to offer an extended 5 year warranty.

Maobang offers custom medium duty shelves for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

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