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Best Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Heavy duty storage shelves, most commonly used is the selective pallet racking system. There are many kinds of pallet racks. Choosing a system that suits your storage space is significant, 

depending on the items you want to store and your business goals, which also will influence your performance. Choosing a customized solution that meets your unique requirements is important to improve the effiency of your warehouse goods selecting or moving.

There are many advantages to using a rack system. By utilizing valuable floor space, building height and volume, the potential of storage facilities can be maximized.

By choosing a shelf system that suits your needs, you can reduce the risk of damaging your inventory, maintain flexibility when storing various products, manage inventory control and rotate inventory as needed.

When it comes to selective pallet racking; aisle width is the main factor in storage capacity. Depending on the type of pallet handling equipment you choose, the storage capacity can be as low as 35% or as high as 75% (please refer to this basic layout guide for ideas and the selective racking forklift application guide)

Keep in mind that narrow aisles do not always equal lower storage costs. The narrow aisle reduces the margin of error for forklift operators. This can result in slower processing times, outweighing the benefits associated with greater storage. Before making a decision, make sure you compare these costs, your inquiries are highly welcome.


Customer Cases Of Best Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Customer Cases Of Best Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

All storage facilities that require the use of pallet storage and handling continue to require selective pallet racks. It provides 100% selectivity, higher picking rate and good inventory turnover rate.

The system allows any pallet storage location to be selected at any time without breaking the load. This storage arrangement allows goods to be first in, first out. The system can be set for single-sided or double-sided operation to suit all handling equipment. The width of the aisle depends on the handling equipment used.

We have selective shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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