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Blue Pallet Racking

Blue Pallet Racking is a kinds of drive-in pallet racking system. It uses a single input output point per storage bay, creating last in, first out (LIFO) access. Meanwhile, a drive thru system loads on one side and unloads on the other for first in, first out (FIFO) workflows.


Specifications Of Blue Pallet Racking

NameBlue pallet racking
Product sizeCustomize
ThicknessColumn:1.5 to 2.2mm
Load capacity800 to 4500 kg per layer
Layers2 to 8 adjustable layers (can be custom made)
ColorAs per customer's requirement
SurfaceElectrostatic spray surface
CharacteristicsAnti rust, Corrosion protection
Use areaWarehouse, factory, storage place
StructureKnock down structure, easy assembling, convenient for delivery
RemarkOEM/ODM accepted
CertificateCE/ ISO9001

Warehouse Drive in rack features

36 Pallet Rack

On the supporting guide rail, pallets are stored in depth direction, one after the other, which makes high density storage possible.

Pallet Rack Beams

Goods storage and storage come in and out of the same side of the shelf, storage and retrieval first, storage and retrieval first, balance weight and forward moving forklift truck can easily enter the middle of the shelf to access goods, without occupying multiple channels.

Our Company Of Blue Pallet Racking

Our Company Of Blue Pallet Racking

Maobang is a manufacturer with our own factory. Factory was set up in 1998, it covers an area of 50,000 square meters with over 100 workers. Monthly output reached 6,000 pieces. Fast delivery for big order, good quality for the products, competitive price for winning more market are supported.   

When it comes to choosing pallet racks for warehouse inventory management, there is a lot you need to consider besides just focusing on maximising your storage space. You need to take into consideration the following things:

  • The floor capacity in your warehouse

  • The height of the ceiling

  • How often you will need to access the pallets

  • The shelf life of the items you are going to palletize

More Details For You To Know Maobang Blue Pallet Racking

01. Advantage Of Blue Pallet Racking

Make the best use of available space possible.


Each level can be used to store a different SKU.


You can use your existing forklift equipment.


Multiple access aisles eliminated.


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