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Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking

Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking

Suitable for general storage The medium weight of about 300 to 2000 kg / year level. The material Floor class has several options, such as plywood sheet steel grating is appropriate. Walking up and down stairs and took the lift to increase the agility of storage. And easy of use.


Specifications Of Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking

NameCustomized High Quality Wide Span Racking
Load Capacity700kg /layer500kg / layer300kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright70*60*1.670*60*1.550*55*1.5Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*2.060*40*1.860*40*1.6Can be Customized
Decking(mm)1.0(thickness)0.70.7Can be Customized

The advantage of Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking

The advantage of Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking

It has the light weight, heavy load capacity, artistic shape and the ability of assemble and disassemble freely. The beams can be adjusted vertically in pitch of 75mm. The load bearing may reach 250kg each layer. The rack would be painted with electrostatic powder on the surface. So the rack would be suitable for the factory, warehouse, assembly line and storage supermarket.

Beneath MAOBANG powder coated beams and galvanised posts lies high grade steel capable of taking the toughest treatment. For customers who use MAOBANG technology to create everything from lightweight racking to product storage and workbenches, the system scores the perfect balance between strength and versatility.

Putting the System Together is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

MAOBANG Longspan unique keyhole locking system means your system can easily grow, move and change with your company's needs.

1. Fit the end of the beam into any of the keyhole-shaped openings on the post.

2. Click the beam into place.

3. Start storing your product.

MAOBANG storage equipment is established in 1998 and quickly became the leader of warehouse solution provider in the emerging market of South Asian. Over 20 years experiences  since establishment, our team has successfully delivered over 5000+ projects with high quality imported products and made many satisfied customers from garments, pharmaceuticals, Consumer products and multinational industries.

We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial strength racking in our domestics area. With a large variety of racking size and load capacity available, a uniquely designed solution can be easily supplied to meet your specific storage requirements.

As a warehouse racking supplier for heavy duty shelving, Maobang has committed to the development of warehousing and logistics for more than 25 years.

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