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Customized Mezzanine Platform Racking

Space-saving rack support mezzanine floor of a multi-level anti-corrosion

1. mezzanine shelving systems are widely used in high warehouses, commodity, artificial and out to get the amount is large, from tiny use of space. Save the warehouse area. More particularly suitable for automotive parts, electronics, light industry, clothing, and other enterprises Product preservation.

2. The interlayer middle shelf or shelf system plus heavy shelf floor as a main support panel (which determines the total weight of the shelf unit shelf negative), the appearance of wood or panels typically use cold rolled steel sheet lining the like.


Details Of Customized Mezzanine Platform Racking

In this project, we design 121 bays shelving on the ground floor and second floor. We can store goods on

the shelving and store pallet goods on the third floor.

There are 2 pcs sliding doors, on the second floor and third floor. We can lift pallet goods thru these doors

with forklift.

There is a sliding in this design, we can drop goods thru this sliding.

By the way, we can also add a cargo lift, grill or other parts if you want.

Customized Mezzanine Platform Rack

Warehouse Shelving For Sale

Taking full advantage of the space,it's a typical application for manual picking goods.

Buy Warehouse Shelving

Constructed by shelving components.

Warehouse Shelving Price

Good structure stability.

Cheap Warehouse Shelving

Adjustable layers.

Warehouse Shelving Suppliers

Easy assembly.

China Warehouse Shelving

Wearable panels made with good powder c steel.

Advantages of Mezzanine racking system

Warehouse Storage Systems

Full use of vertical space and get additional storing space. We can store more goods with the same warehouse rent in this way.

Warehouse Storage Equipment

Large load capacity can be customized. You even can drive forklift on the mezzanine floor.

Warehouse Shelving For Sale

It can be Quick to install and Easy assembly. Able to assemble and disassemble, reusable. Without any welding.

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Durable powder coating finish make the racks clean appearance, fire proof.

Warehouse Shelving Price

Can be multi tier mezzanines.

Cheap Warehouse Shelving

Size and load capacity can be customized.

What informations we need

What informations we need
  • The size of warehouse.(Length * Width)

  • The only high can be used of warehouse.

  • Good carton size and weight.

  • The direction and the request as cargo enter the storehouse.

  • Your other requirement.

Choose Maobang mezzanine shelf, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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