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Heavy Duty Warehouse Prefab Mezzanine Floor

The brief introduction of industrial mezzanine systems:

The industrial mezzanines racking is designed with pedestrian stairs according to the size of the warehouse and the passage under the loft.

The function of the pedestrian stairs is only for the staff to go up and down to mezzanine storage rack, and generally do not carry goods.

If the goods need to be moved to the attic on the second floor by forklift, elevators or sliding doors are usually designed during the design. If a lift is installed, the staff cannot use the lift to go up and down the attic, and it is only used to carry goods.

If in order to reduce the cost of the shelf loft, design sliding doors. The goods are transported to the sliding doors by forklifts, and then employees are transported to the shelves.


The Structure Of The Industrial Mezzanine Systems

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