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Drive In Rack System

The through shelf adopts pallet access mode, which is suitable for storing goods of single variety and large quantities. Compared with pallet shelf, the utilization rate of warehouse can reach about 80%, and the utilization rate of warehouse can be increased by more than 30%. It is the shelf with the highest storage efficiency. 

On the supporting guide rail, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after the other. The investment cost is relatively low. It is suitable for large transverse size, small variety and large quantity.

It is often used to store large quantities of goods of the same type. Because of its high storage density and high utilization rate of ground space, it is mostly used in warehouses with high storage space cost, such as dairy, beverage, refrigeration, food, tobacco, etc.


Specifications Of Drive In Rack System

Brand nameMAOBANG (Factory+Overseas sales department)
Product detailsItem No.
Product nameDrive in storage rack
MaterialHigh grade Q235 Cold Rolled Steel
ColorColumn in blue,beam in orange/yellow(customized)
TreatmentWith electrostatic spraying and acid phosphor treatment, is solid in Construction and anti-rust in appearance.
Load capacity1000 to 4500kg  /layer (or customized)

Feature Of Drive In Rack System

Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Good stock rotation.

Pallet Rack Supports

Good order picking: 100% selectivity.

Pallet Rack Decking

50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area.

Pallet Rack Divider

Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Drive In Rack System

01. Advantages Of Drive In Rack System

Goods follow the principle of "first in, last out" and are suitable for most handling machinery storage operations.


It is usually used for storage of goods with fewer varieties but larger batches and less requirements for picking goods.


Goods storage channel is also forklift truck storage and transportation channel, which is a form of shelf with high storage density.


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