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Drive In Pallet Racking Storage System

The investment cost of the drive in shelf is relatively low, which is suitable for the case of larger horizontal size, less variety, more quantity and the goods storage and storage mode can be ordered. It is commonly used to store a large number of goods of the same type.


Specifications Of Drive In Pallet Racking Storage System

Product nameDrive in storage rack
MaterialHigh grade Q235 Cold Rolled Steel
ColorColumn in blue,beam in orange/yellow(customized)
TreatmentWith electrostatic spraying and acid phosphor treatment, is solid in Construction and anti rust in appearance.
Load capacity1000 to 4500kg  /layer (or customized)
Layers2 to 5 layers(layers can be adjusted)
FeatureCorrosion protection,easy to assemble and dismantle
StylesDrive in storage rack
Payment termsBy T/T,LC,western union etc.

Advantages Of Drive In Pallet Racking Storage System

Pallet Rack Supply

Good stock rotation.

Pallet Rack Warehouse & Supply

Good order picking: 100% selectivity.

Storage Racking For Sale

Fast picking rate.

Warehouse Pallet Racks For Sale

Good product protection.

China Pallet Rack

50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area.

Pallet Rack Suppliers

Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 85%+ capacity.

Structural Features Of Drive In Pallet Racking Storage System

Storage Racking For Sale

100% of any chosen characteristic. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo space for storage operations, storage operations easy and fast.

Warehouse Pallet Racks For Sale

To lower the truck requirements, ordinary truck can be used, if you want to make full use of space, more than three meters above normal high to go with warehouse trucks can

China Pallet Rack

Is a standard heavy duty shelves to store one kind of shelf heavy goods most economical and practical, it has been overwhelming majority of customers of all ages

Pallet Rack Suppliers

Because it can access any of cargo goods characteristics, so a channel corresponding to the left and right sides of the cargo, the relative alleys, through, pushed, gravity heavy shelf products, utilization is not great.

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