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New and Used Pallet Racking

According to the carrying capacity of cantilever shelf, it can be divided into three types: light weight type, medium weight type and heavy weight type. Cantilever rack is suitable for storing materials, circular materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The cantilever can be single or double sided, cantilever shelf with stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization.

Under normal circumstances, cantilever shelf column is mostly used H section steel or cold rolled section steel, and cantilever is used square tube, cold rolled section steel or H section steel, cantilever and column using plug type or bolt connection type, the base and column using bolt connection type. It is worth noting that the base is usually made of cold rolled section steel or H section steel.


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01. For A Quote, We Need To Know

The pallet size, fork direction and pallet bearing capacity.


Warehouse length, width and height.


Comprehensive data of forklift.


02. Matters Needing Attention

Warehouse Pallet Rack Design

The limitation of shelf storage weight is the first factor of safety production.

Pallet Racking Design

Check the shelves regularly.

Pallet Racking Inspection Requirements

In the transportation of goods, pay attention to the operation of forklift not to bump the shelves.

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