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Drive in Warehouse Racking

Drive in Warehouse Racking is also called warehouse heavy duty pallet racking. It is widely used for storage of large quantities of goods, few varieties, this kind of goods packaging uniform, single products, such as: food, tobacco, cold storage warehouses


Specifications Of Drive in Warehouse Racking

TypeFIFO pallet racking systems
Loading capacityCustomized
Thickness of Upright0.8 to 2.2mm, can be Customized
Thickness of Beam0.8 to 2.2mm, can be Customized
ColorBlue orange/Silver/Black
MaterialHigh quality steel, Q235
ApplicationExpress, logistic, pharmacy, kitchen etc
FeatureCorrosion protection

What we will do for you

Pallet Racking Price

According to the weight of your goods, choose the right thickness material to make the uprights and Beams.

Pallet Racking For Sale

According to the size of your warehouse, a Professional CAD Drawing would be designed for you.

Buy Pallet Racking

We offer professional instruction to help you build the racks.

Drive In And Out Racking Advantage

Bulk Pallet Racking

Multiple access aisles eliminated.

China Pallet Racking

Extra control over inputs and outputs.

Pallet Racking Companies

More storage density instead of the direct access of Pallet Racks.

Pallet Racking Suppliers

Specifically designed for your pallets and forklifts.

Pallet Racking Manufacturer

Take advantage of warehouse height.

Details Of Drive In Warehouse Racking

Details Of Drive In Warehouse Racking

The goods stored on the shelves are not squeezed and the material loss is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the material itself and reduce the loss of the goods.

Extra heavy duty pallet drive in rack is one kind of most popular pallet racking system. A well designed pallet rack system can reduces the overall cost of handing goods. It is used in warehouses, factories,cold room etc.

The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage locations or require a certain amount of storage;

The logistics efficiency requires a higher level.

Forklifts can use independent storage forklifts, do not plan to use the storage forklift to drive outside to perform other tasks.

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