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Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racks System

Drive-in racks can provide the largest storage capacity with the smallest space. The structure principle of drive-in racks is to connect several rows of columns, without a beam structure, supported by top beams, and connected by corbels and pallet rails. Pallet goods On the tray rail. The forklift can directly drive into the cargo lane to deposit and withdraw the goods. When storing the goods, the inside and outside are first, and when the goods are picked up, the outside is first and then the inside. The typical first-in-last-out storage management.


Specifications Of Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racks System

Pallet SizeA) W1200*D1000mmB)W1200*D1200mmC) W1200*D1100mmD) W1200*D800mm
Craft workA) Hole punchingB) Cold rollingC) WeldingD) Powder coating
PaymentA) T/TB) LCC) Paypal or Western Union
QuantityA) 20' containerB) 40' containerC) A sample order

17500kgs26000kgs1 Set
Delivery timeIn 15 daysIn 20 daysIn 7 days
NoteAll racks can be customized

Please Provide Information For Quick Quotation

Please Provide Information For Quick Quotation
  • Pallet size (length*width*loading height in mm).

  • Layout or dimension (length*width*net height mm) of your warehouse.

  • Rack size (length*width*depth in mm if available,if not, we shall design for you).

  • How many bays and levels if available.

  • Loading capacity(kg) of each pallet if available.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racks System

01. Advantages Of Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racks System

Good stock rotation.


Good order picking: 100% selectivity.


50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area.


Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity.


02. Applications Of Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racks System

Drive Through Racking System

The hospital,school and the library.

Drive In Racks Warehouse

The textile and garment industry .

Drive In Pallet Rack System

The machinery and equipment industry.

Drive In Pallet Racking For Sale

Food, cold storage.

Drive In Racking For Sale

Communication electronics, electrical appliances.

Drive In Racking System Design

Logistics warehouse.

Drive In Racking Design

Auto parts, auto 4S shop.

Drive In Rack

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Drive In Racking System

And many others.

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