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Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System

Product description:

Mezzanine floor rack system is the most cost-effective way to optimize space at heights in your warehouse. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

1.It can help you to save warehouse Space:  The possibility of building one or several raised floors on the ground floor of an installation can double or triple its useful surface area. Circumvent any potential constraints within the building, making full use of the entire surface area.

2.It can save storage Cost: The cost per square metre of a mezzanine is significantly lower than the cost to expand the warehouse .

3.Versatility: mezzanine racking floor is suitable for a variety of used. Such production centers, storage and industrial warehouses, workshops, etc. They can be complemented with different racking systems.


Specifications Of Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System

Product nameFactory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System
Length(mm)3000600010000Customized Size
Width(mm)3000800010000Customized Size
Height(mm)300030006000Customized Size
Load Capacity250kg /SQM500kg /SQM1000kg /SQMCustomized load capacity
Upright90*60*1.690*60*1.890*60*2.0Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*1.6100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Can be Customized

FAQ Of Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System

May I know the status of my order?

Yes. We will send you information and photos at different production stage of your order. You will get the latest information in time.

How could you guarantee the products quality?

We have professional engineer to check what size should be used to guarantee your load weight request. Before shipping, our quality control also would carefully check whether the quality is approved.

What is your delivery time?

In general, within 15 days. It also depends on the order quantity and rack types.

What is trade term?

EXW, FOB are supported. If you have another request, please let us know.

What is your payment term?

TT by bank (Telegraphic Transfer) or by Alibaba platform.

Details Of Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System

Details Of Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System

Factory Directly Sale Mezzanine Storage System, also known as mezzanine floors, are cost effective solutions that can double the useable floor area in your factory or distribution centre.

Many variations of single or multi tier principles are available to add floor space and storage area to a warehouse, store or workshop.

Freestanding levels of racking or shelving can be combined with open deck areas to create a superstructure that becomes an economical way to extend your work or storage areas. Cantilever racking, pigeon hole shelving, or even standard pallet racking, can fill the space underneath.

A mezzanine floor is often erected for the storage of tools or materials. They are used in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, because they create more space and are practical.

Typically our Mezzanine Floor range from a point-load rating of 3kpa to 8kpa and are tailored to meet individual design requirements and manufactured in our Chinese factory to the highest standards. We use premium quality steel Q235 and premium paint systems to ensure a perfect full gloss epoxy enamel finish in a range of colours as per below.

The lower shelves support the upper platform and these shelves are also ideal for manual picking of goods. A new set of stairs provides access to the raised platform and handrail to all open edges ensures safety. We also offer a range of pallet gates including self closing and up and over safety gates. On completion we install a load plaque, which correlates with your engineered plans, so all employees can clearly note load capacities.

Maobang owns a very efficient factory, which is supported by our whole sets of advanced & classic working machines. And our new production technology make it possible for our six workshops work together for Modularization. From Rolling Forming, Welding, Sheet Metal, Powder Coating, and Packaging. We can manufacture 500 tons warehouse racks every month.

Choose Maobang shelf supported mezzanine, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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