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Mezzanine Cargo Lift Platform

Mezzanine working platform is the most economical and effective way to increase warehouse storage space. It can increase the available space without increasing the cost of building expansion.


Product Description Of Mezzanine Cargo Lift Platform

800kg 6m Good Price Vertical Mezzanine Cargo Lift Platform General description and advantages:

1. Mezzanine lifting platforms, with flexible lifting range, large loading capacity,

are compact and lightweight.

2. Without restriction of space.

Features Of Mezzanine Cargo Lift Platform

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High density of the warehouse space.

Cheap Warehouse Racking

The shelf distance can be adjusted.

Warehouse Racking Cost

It can be installed conveniently and easy to be delivered.

Warehouse Racking Cost Per Square Foot

It can be designed to 2 or 3 levels, with accessories of the stair and goods lift and so on.

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Warehouse Racking Suppliers

Pallet Size (Length*Width*Loading Height in mm).

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Layout or Dimension (Length*Width*Net Height in mm) of your warehouse.

Warehouse Racking Manufacturer

Rack Size (Length*Width*Depth in mm) if you are available or we shall design for you.

Warehouse Racking Company

How many bays and levels if available.

Warehouse Racking Supplier

Loading Capacity(kg) of each level or each pallet.

We have shelf supported mezzanine bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

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