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Factory Mezzanine Floors

Simple one:

It is just a simple mezzanine floor system, you can use it is as office or storing goods without any racking shelves.

If your goods are in big load capacity, you can add 1 more lift to carry the cargoes to the mezzanine floor.


For Getting A Quick Quotation, Please Offer Me The Following Details

1. How big do you want to make? Length*width*Height

2. How many levels you want? And what is the height of each level? In above picture, it is 2 levels: Ground floor+ mezzanine floor.

3. How will you carry the goods onto the mezzanine floor? (Forklift? Staircase? Or electric lift?)

4. How many sides will next to the wall? The one close to the wall doesn’t need handrail.

5. What is the load capacity of each square meter? In the picture, it is 300KG per square meter.

That kind of mezzanine floor system will help to save warehouse space, increase the utilization of vertical space, store more goods, and facilitate classification and storage of goods.

Moreover, the cost of building this kind of steel attic is definitely lower than the cost of rebuilding or renting a new warehouse.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with mezzanine floor racking, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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