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Factory Storage Long Span Racking And Shelving

Longspan shelf system allows manual picking and storage of small and medium sized materials. This is a multifunctional rack that can adapt to any type of unit load and facilitates direct and immediate access to stored SKUs.

It is easy to assemble, and can optionally incorporate accessories (such as platforms), which can increase the height of the rack without affecting performance. The design, manufacturing and assembly can be customized according to customer requirements and their professional fields.

Longspan Shelf is a selective system with immediate access to all stored unit loads and SKUs.

Long span racks are designed for manual storage of light to medium or heavy loads. It sets up the storage gap between the rack and the pallet rack. Applications can range from single units to complex multi layer picking systems. Longspan has high carrying capacity and is ideal for various storage applications.

The long span shelf is a light weight storage system that can be used when manual loading is involved.

The shelf system is designed to be placed independently.

There are many different configurations of long span shelves. They are multifunctional.

Each set of long span shelves can load up to 3000kg. This is a powerful, sturdy and stable storage solution for storing all types of items. Long span shelves have been installed in warehouses for every industry and many other uses.

Long span shelves are your ideal storage solution for boxes and small to medium size of items. The wide span system provides various sizes and configurations to ensure you the best solution for all storage needs in a timely and lower budget price.

We offers long span shelves in various configurations such as load capacity from 200-3000kgs, which to maximize your storage capacity and create an efficient picking system and then save your cost. 


Characteristic Of Factory Storage Long Span Racking And Shelving

Characteristic Of Factory Storage Long Span Racking And Shelving
  • Complete project management full installation.

  • Space consultancy warehouse fit out design.

  • Streamlined productivity warehousing solutions.

  • Genuine product warranty, protecting your investment.

Maobang is a leading warehouse rack manufacturer for medium duty storage rack, we integrates brand management, product development, large-scale production, and marketing for warehouse rack system.

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