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Heavy Duty Galvanized Iron Pallets

Heavy duty galvanized iron pallets are suitable for construction, chemical, food processing, warehouse, manufacturing and export industries. Through the galvanizing treatment, the tray is easy to sterilize, which means it is hygienic to use in a clean room environment. Its heavy-duty steel structure can also support a capacity of up to 2000 kg.


Advantages Of Heavy Duty Galvanized Iron Pallets

Advantages Of Heavy Duty Galvanized Iron Pallets

1. Heavy-duty construction that’s stronger than plastic or timber pallets.

2. Steel design with a zinc finish.

3. Supports capacities of up to 2000 kg.

4. Waterproof, moisture proof and rust proof; Compared with wooden pallet, it has the advantage of environmental protection.

5. Compared with plastic pallet, steel pallet has advantages of strength, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance and price.

6. Steel pallets, especially for export, do not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anti corrosion treatment, and conform to international environmental protection laws and regulations;

7. Flexibility (the insertion design of the four directions virtually improves the convenience of space utilization and operation, and the solid bottom plate design of the steel pallet also conforms to the use of conveying and rolling transportation and automatic packaging system), etc.

As a warehouse racking supplier for steel pallets for sale, Maobang has committed to the development of warehousing and logistics for more than 25 years.

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