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Heavy Duty Metal Tire Selective Pallet Storage Racking

How to choose warehouse racking, and which types of racking are suitable for each industry?

In order to improve the storage capacity and storage efficiency of the warehouse, most companies choose to purchase storage racking. However, there are many types of racking system, and each has different characteristics. When purchasing, racking purchasers may not know how to start, so it is very useful to find out which racking are suitable for your industry.

Heavy duty metal tire selective pallet storage racking are also called selective pallet racks. They are generally stored in pallet units and are suitable for various warehouses. They are highly versatile and are the most widely used racking form. This kind of racking has low cost and low requirements on material handling equipment. Each pallet cargo can be accessed 100% individually, which is convenient and fast. After installation, the height of the beam can be adjusted according to the needs, and the number of layers of the beam can be increased. It is especially suitable for users who often change the size of the pallet rack.

We have single sided rack bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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