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Heavy Duty Pallet Commercial Logistics Racking

The load capacity of each level is up to 6000 kg.

Since the pallet racks are used to store heavy items, they need to cooperate with pallets and forklifts. If you can't find a suitable shelf on our website, please contact us directly, we will design and customize a set of solutions that are most suitable for your warehouse for you.


Features Of Pallet Commercial Logistics Racking

How To Do The Acceptance Work After The Pallet Rack Is Installed?

How To Do The Acceptance Work After The Pallet Rack Is Installed?

1.Check whether the overall size of the pallet rack is consistent, and use a tape measure to measure the length of the column and beam of the shelf. It should be noted here that there is a difference between the inner and outer dimensions of the shelf. You must first confirm with the shelf manufacturer whether to measure according to the inner or outer dimensions.

2.Check the quality of the racking shelf material and see if it is bent or deformed. However, sometimes the goods are unavoidably bumped during transportation. If the material has only some potholes, it is normal.

3.Check the overall installation accuracy of the racks. The vertical deviation of the racks is not more than 10mm, the height deviation of the beams on the same floor is ±10mm, the deviation of the center distance between the bottoms of the columns of adjacent racks is ±2mm, and the misalignment deviation of the racks in the same lane and the same row is not more than 5mm.

4.The upright pieces are usually welded at the factory. The welding seam on the shelf surface is a test of the production capacity of the shelf manufacturer. It must be uniform, and there should be no cracks, slag inclusions, welding flashes, burn-through, arc craters and needle-shaped pores. Such defects must be carefully observed during acceptance.

5.Check the surface coating quality of storage shelves. The treatment of the surface is easy to see. The purchaser can directly check whether the surface meets the requirements with the naked eye, or can use a hammer to hit the surface of the shelf to see if there is a phenomenon of falling off, so as to confirm whether the spraying of the shelf manufacturer meets the use standard.

We have single selective racking bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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