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Heavy Duty Pallet Shelving

Pallet storage racks can be said to be the preferred storage equipment in the warehouse. Making good use of pallet storage racks can greatly improve the overall storage capacity of the warehouse, so that the warehouse can store more goods without changing the warehouse structure. The pallet rack also has a good load bearing capacity, which can be conveniently used to store some heavier products. However, when storing large items, there is no way to manually carry them. At this time, forklifts or other mechanical equipment are needed to transport the goods. The pallets on the pallet racks also exist to better match these mechanical equipment.

Usually, the size of the pallet is determined by the size of the basic cargo. Otherwise, if the tray is too large, it will cause a waste of resources. If the pallet is too small, there is no way to ensure the stability of the shelf. Therefore, it is very necessary to check the warehouse environment before designing.


Warehouse Racks Feature and Specification

Warehouse Racks Feature and Specification

The height of the pallet rack can also be set freely according to the size of the product, but under normal circumstances, the height of the rack is not recommended to be too high. The higher the shelf height, the worse the relative stability. If you really need some high level shelves, it is recommended to install some accessories that can improve the stability of the shelf installation.

Warehouse Pallet Racking Applications

Since its development, logistics has become a very important industry. In this era of advanced Internet technology, many companies are beginning to use smart devices to manage warehouses. The combination of pallet racks and these intelligent mechanical equipment can effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Pallet racks are a more commonly used type in storage racks. They have a simple structure and a wide range of shelf uses, making them more suitable for use in most warehouses. In the warehouse, if you want to get a higher use efficiency of the shelves, it is necessary to choose the best design and configuration plan for the pallet shelves. The principle of the optimal rack configuration plan is to shorten the distance and time of workers picking goods and improve the overall operating efficiency of the warehouse.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with single selective racking, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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