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High Density Storage Solution

Double deep pallet racking system is a very effective system that can increase your warehouse storage capacity, especially when pallets need to be moved quickly.

Double Deep Pallet Rack is designed to store two deep pallets or four deep pallets in a double entry rack to suit most warehouse conditions. The double entry rack reduces the aisle, but also reduces the selectivity of pallets to increase storage density. The system has a floor utilization rate of 60%, and it provides optional storage accessories for awkward and non standard loads. It has 50% instant access rights and average inventory turnover performance. Compared with general selective pallet racks, double deep pallet racks can provide you with 30% additional storage capacity. A special two way forklift is required to handle this configuration.


Features Of High Density Storage Solution

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Store two deep pallet to increase capacity

It is the best compromise between selective and high density pallet racking systems.

By storing four pallets deep, a higher storage density can be achieved, while the operator can still easily and relatively quickly obtain inventory.

Double Deep Pallet Rack is used in conjunction with a double forklift, which is usually equipped with a zoom mechanism specifically designed to reach the second pallet position.

We have selective shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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