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Industrial Pallet Shelving Solution

Selective pallet racking is one of the most widely used storage systems. Its structure is a combination of vertical columns and horizontal beams, which can have many different sizes and configurations. It is called selectivity because you can easily select any pallet load directly. It is usually arranged in a wide aisle, so no special equipment handling method is required. With this style of shelf, you can only use 40% of the floor space while protecting your valuables. Combined with easy loading and unloading, you will get faster throughput.

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Successful Cases

Successful Cases

Even if you are limited to one pallet position, the advantage is that you can use a larger number of units. With this system, multiple forklifts can be used in the same passage at the same time. This method allows you to quickly move inventory in and out of the warehouse, making it easier to keep up with customer inquiries.

The system is very simple, each pallet position has its own immediately accessible position and can work. Although many other systems are more complex, selective pallet racking systems are much simpler. Some important things you need to consider are product size and weight requirements and shelf capacity.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Industrial Pallet Shelving Solution

01. Feature Of Industrial Pallet Shelving Solution

Manufactured suitable to global standards.


Easy to carry and dismountable racking systems.


Can be used in logistics, automotive, food, construction and any industry requiring warehousing.


It has number of advantages such as, direct accesing all pallets at once, enabling free space at the warehouse, opportunity to use manual or automatic stacking equipments, flexibility at the height and width of the loading units.


02. Characteristic Of Industrial Pallet Shelving Solution

Industrial Pallet Racking

Ability to store lots of references.

Light Duty Pallet Racking

Direct and selective access to all loading units.

Lightweight Pallet Racking

Easy control of stocks.

Mini Pallet Racking

Easy combination with picking systems.

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Simple system.

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