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Industrial Storage Steel Mezzanines Rack

Industrial storage steel mezzanines rack is also called warehouse mezzanine floor,  heavy duty adjustable mezzanines racking, certificated assemble mezzanines storage racking and high quality metal mezzanines rack.


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MAOBANG is one of the earliest shelf suppliers in China(mainland). Through constant effort and accumulation, Maobang has introduced a series of advanced equipment from abroad, thus the scope of products and efficiency has a breakthrough progress. The products are complete, ingenious structure, beautiful and durable, easy to disassemble and install. Strong bearing capacity.

Main Advantages Of Work-platform Shelf

Heavy Duty Storage Racks For Warehouse

Significantly increased ( from 2 to 4 times on average ) the floor area for storage of goods

Warehouse Racking And Shelving

Make it possible storing goods on pallets or shelves at the same time.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf

Immediate access to any cargo on the upper floors by means of stairs and lifts.

The Advantage Of industrial Storage Steel Mezzanines Rack

Racking And Shelving Suppliers

Possibility to utilize to the maximum all usable space of storage premise, easy assembling-disassembling constructions.

Types Of Racking And Shelving

Make it possible to store heavy goods.

Buy Racking And Shelving

Possibility to store cargoes of different configuration and size.

Heavy Duty Storage Racks For Warehouse

Possibility to store cargo on pallets and shelves at the same time.

We have shelving mezzanine bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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