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Large Capacity Attic Floor Rack

1. Bolt structure: easy to assemble without any welding. The transportation space is small.

2. Super resistance: made of high-quality durable materials, including cold-rolled steel and anti-rust coating. Ready to withstand years of use.

3. You can make full use of your space: Due to the adaptability of this warehouse shelf and the large dynamic storage capacity, you can transform your workshop, garage or any working space

4. Large storage capacity: 200kg to 5000kg per square meter.


Specifications Of Large Capacity Attic Floor Rack

Product nameLarge Capacity Attic Floor Rack
Length(mm)3000600010000Customized Size
Width(mm)3000800010000Customized Size
Height(mm)300030006000Customized Size
Load Capacity250kg /SQM500kg /SQM1000kg /SQMCustomized load capacity
Upright90*60*1.690*60*1.890*60*2.0Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*1.6100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Can be Customized

Large Capacity Attic Floor Rack Introduction

Heavy Duty Racks For Warehouse

Industrial warehouse mezzanine racking systems to expend your warehouse storage area.

Heavy Duty Storage Racks For Warehouse

Total bolted system without welding.

Warehouse Racking And Shelving

Easy and Simply Installed.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf

Flooring bearing can up to 1000kg per square meter.

Introduction To Large Capacity Loft Floor Racks

Racking And Shelving Suppliers

Industrial warehouse mezzanine racking system can expand your warehouse storage area.

Types Of Racking And Shelving

Full bolt system, no welding.

Buy Racking And Shelving

Easy installation.

Racking And Shelving For Sale

Floor bearing capacity can reach 1000kg per square meter.

House And Building Regulations

House And Building Regulations
  • What is the bearing capacity that the floor will bear on the floor? If necessary, samples can be arranged;

  • Do I need to put the new mezzanine floor with the existing mezzanine floor or the first floor in place?

  • What is the current ceiling height of the building? We need to know how much headroom is required to design mezzanine floors, which is in line with current building regulations;

  • Where is the nearest fire exit and the travel distance from the furthest point of the new floor to the nearest protected route, which will affect the placement and number of stairs required for the new floor;

  • Is there enough existing smoke detection and emergency lighting?

Maobang is a leading warehouse rack manufacturer for mezzanine storage rack, we integrates brand management, product development, large-scale production, and marketing for warehouse rack system.

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