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Large Span Industrial Storage Racks Heavy Duty

Wide span rack is known as light duty racking or standard racking shelf.

Large span racking shelves are specially designed for those tall, wide or large hand-loaded goods, which bridge the gap between traditional shelves and pallet shelves.

Whether you need one unit, several units, or a large number of structures that require the splicing of main rack and attached rack, Maobang Wide Span shelves allow users to quickly assemble them.

The installation is extremely simple, even female employees can complete the assembly tasks alone, which greatly saves money in terms of time and labor costs.

Their structure requires neither additional screws nor support beams, which is ready to use.

Wide Span Shelving Benefits

Durability: The Maobang storage system is characterized by a C-shaped column design to provide the best structural integrity. The beam has a P-shaped square tube beam to directly hold the laminate instead of the traditional iron sheet.

The horizontal "Z" design of the diagonal bracing provides strength and stability to support large span loads.

Flexibility and adjustability: easy to assemble, can be quickly installed, repositioned, or adjusted-all operations do not require any tools.

Design: There is a foot piece at the bottom of the column, and the size of the foot piece is different for different load-bearing, which increases the ground contact surface and increases stability

Accessories selection: wood plywood, steel laminate, mesh laminate, support beam

The difference of beam between Maobang facotory and other factories'(Left side:Maobang, right side: From other factory)


Characteristic Of Large Span Industrial Storage Racks Heavy Duty

Characteristic Of Large Span Industrial Storage Racks Heavy Duty
  • Wide span rack type.

  • Adjustable height and distance.

  • Large load capacity 100-500KG per layer.

  • Perfect choice for goods in box, carton or bulk.

  • Widely used in any place.

  • Rust Corrosion Resistance.

  • Several colors for option.

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