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Light Duty Storage Racking

Industrial steel racking systems are very suitable for large capacity storage applications that do not require the large capacity or large storage capacity provided by pallet racks.

 Long span shelves are widely used storage solutions in warehouses, industrial facilities, toy factory, hardware factory, distribution centers, record storage centers, the food and beverage industry, and many other applications. From light-duty racks to heavy duty bulk racks, each unit can hold thousands of pounds of industrial steel racks with a wide range of capabilities.

The racking system are quickly and easily to be installed, clamp the beams to the end racks, and then put the racks in place

Each bay comes with a welded end frame

High capacity racking system, which can be used to store various goods (including large or long goods)

Our long span shelf meets the requirements from all over the world with thousands of tested

The heavy duty large span racking system with modular design can be constructed and adjusted quickly and easily. Longspan Shelving is designed to achieve the largest storage capacity in any available space and can be configured quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. The modular design of long span shelves means that medium duty span and wide span shelves can be combined in the same rack to efficiently store various items.


Why Choose MAOBANG ?

Why Choose MAOBANG ?

As a reliable supplier of material handling equipment, our main focus is to listen to and understand the needs of our customers, and cooperate to design solutions that can achieve their goals. Working with us means that you will get these greatest benefits.

  • Through our online project management system, you will receive real-time email updates on project status and progress. This includes progress photos and license updates.

  • Our installers are the key to success, and so are our resident ambassadors. We only work with verified staff who emphasize safety, progress-driven, good communication skills, and flexibility when priorities change during the installation process.

  • You will get the guidance and professional knowledge we have been engaged in the shelf industry for more than 20 years. Let us show you how to manage and complete your project in a way of participation and pride.

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