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Warehouse Steel Rack Heavy Duty

warehouse steel rack heavy duty is also called  customized warehouse storage rack, high quality industrial storage racks and factory heavy duty storage racking system. 

The shelf layer board is welded with reinforcing ribs, which has a large layer load capacity. The columns of the light-duty rack are made of high-quality strip steel, rolled by an automatic rolling mill, punched by a punch, and then cut according to the height specified by the customer. Light-duty shelves are now widely used in corporate warehouses, supermarkets and institutions


The advantages of medium-sized warehouse shelves

The advantages of medium-sized warehouse shelves

1. Fully assembled structure, free combination, convenient and flexible installation and disassembly.

2. The upright column is an assembled structure, and the beam and the upright column are connected by a steel buckle card, and are locked with a safety key to prevent falling off.

3. Optimize the cross-section of the shelf material and choose a variety of pipe materials to improve the cutting force.

4. The column is provided with an adjustment hole distance every 60mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the goods.

5. Adjacent columns in the back-to-back direction can be used to strengthen the connection, and the bottom of the column and the ground can be used with ground nails to improve safety and reliability.

6. It is suitable for the use of ordinary people or stackers for unloading goods, and for enterprises with large storage capacity

Medium-sized shelves are suitable for manual stacking operations, and are suitable for storing light and small items; they are often used in electronics, clothing, medicine, food, e-commerce warehousing, cross-border e-commerce distribution centers and other fields.

We have the largest number of racking production lines and the most advanced machines in China. The products are distributed all over the world, and have received many orders from the world's top 500 companies. In the industry, we are also the factory with the most shelf production patents in China, and our quality and price are also the best.

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