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Long Span Factory Storage Racking

100kg light shelves, characterized by convenient insertion, installation, reassembly and disassembly, widely used.Steel plate can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet a variety of requirements.

200-300kg medium shelves are divided into medium hanging plate type shelves, medium hanging beam type shelves and medium and heavy duty shelves.

500kg heavy duty rack features that each pallet can be stored or moved separately without moving other pallets.The most simple supporting facilities, low cost, can be installed and dismantled, goods loading and unloading quickly.


More Details For You To Know Maobang Long Span Factory Storage Racking

01. Advantage Of Long Span Factory Storage Racking

Fully assembled structure, convenient and flexible in combination, installation and disassembly.


Optimizing the material section of shelves, selecting a variety of pipe materials to improve the bearing capacity.


There are boards and steel plates for choice. The height of the column is equipped with adjustment hole spacing of every 50mm, which can be used between layers according to the height of the goods.


Surface treatment using polishing, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spray treatment, according to the customer specified color spray, with beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean and other advantages


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