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Warhouse Storage Widespan Shelf Rack

Warhouse storage widespan shelf is a very economical, practical and convenient warehouse storage rack. Because of its light load, it long span rack is often called light duty shelf. The shelf is composed of three types of components: uprights, beams, and laminates. The light-duty shelf adopts a screw-less combined design as a whole, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. 

It is suitable for storing some light and small items, and it is a kind of shelf rack. The structure of the light-duty shelf is the same as that of the medium-sized shelf. It can be disassembled and assembled automatically. 

The height of the layer can be adjusted freely at a distance of 5.5cm. However, the material specifications are relatively small and the carrying capacity is relatively small. The price of this kind of light-duty shelf is relatively economical, and the structure is relatively universal. 

For the simple maintenance and maintenance of warehouse shelves, the design of general warehouse shelves is relatively simple, so the maintenance and maintenance will be very simple.

The first is the cleaning of the factory widespan shelves: cleaning is very important for a shelf, because storage shelves are generally placed in the warehouse, and the warehouses of some units are generally rarely visited by people. Only when you need something, will you rush to get it, and then leave in a hurry. So few people clean the shelves. Frequent cleaning of the shelf will extend the shelf life. The cleaning of the shelf does not necessarily have to be washed with water, as long as there is no dust on it. In addition, washing the shelf with water can easily oxidize the surface of the shelf, which greatly shortens the service life of the shelf.


The Advantage Of Long Span Storage Racking System

The Advantage Of Long Span Storage Racking System

1. Optimize the cross-section of the shelf material and choose a variety of pipe materials to improve the carrying capacity.

2. Fully assembled structure, convenient and flexible to combine, install and disassemble at will.

3.  Laminates are available with wood or steel plates, and the height of the column is provided with an adjustable hole distance every 50mm, which can be used between layers according to the height of the goods.

4. The surface treatment adopts polishing, surface rust removal, degreasing, electrostatic powder spray treatment, and spray plastic according to the color specified by the customer, which has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, and easy to clean.

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