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Warehouse Steel Longspan Rack

Light duty shelf structure and medium duty rack structure and warehouse steel longspan Rack is the same, You can adjust the height of beam by 55-73MM per unit. Because the material specification is relatively small, the carrying capacity is relatively small, the price of the shelf is relative to the economy. 

It is suitable for light and medium weight goods, manual handling goods. The general design of warehouse shelves is relatively simple, so the maintenance and maintenance will be very simple.


Specifications Of Warehouse Steel Longspan Rack

Highlightwell protected against dampness, moisture, shock, rust and rough handling
Main partsUpright frames, Stringers, Metal plate, Built in beam, Cross beam
ProductWide span rack, cantilever rack, driver in rack, work-platform, etc
Layer2 to 5 layers or customized
MOQ10 sets
Delivery time3 to 15 days. It is also depends on the order quantity and type
Trade termEXW or FOB.
Payment term50% deposit, 50% balance should be paid before shipment
Payment methodTT by bank, Credit card, Paypal, E checking are supported

Characteristic Of Warehouse Steel Longspan Rack

Warehouse Rack Suppliers

Simple structure and easy operation.

Warehouse Rack For Sale

The storage capacity per unit area can be increased to about 2 times of pallet shelves.

Warehouse Rack Price

Simple stock management.

Warehouse Rack Manufacturers

Adaptable to any product volume, weight or size.

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