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Metal Warehouse Shelving

Metal Warehouse Shelving Load bearing is about 150kg to 300kg per layer,easy to disassemble and assemble, Competitive price among the racks suppliers.

Guangzhou MaoBang storageshelf co., LTD. Was established in 2005. We can provide you with a variety of shelves, including light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, shuttle shelf, cantilever shelf, mezzanine shelf, carton rack, drive rack and so on! We have everything you need!


Specifications Of Metal Warehouse Shelving

Product nameCold Rolled Steel Middle Duty Warehouse Rack Storage
layer2 to 5
Color and sizeAs you require
Load bearing100 to 500kg/layer
SurfacePowder coating
materialCold roll steel
Loading portshanghai
Payment50% deposit by T/T,the balance should be paid before the delivery.
Our advantage1.Direct from factory with competitive price.
2.We have been in this line for 15 years,so we have the rich experience on it.
3.The products are of good quality.

Our Service Of Metal Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Rack Price

A Professional CAD Drawing would be designed for you according to your warehouse.

Warehouse Rack Manufacturers

Make a customized design as your requirement.

Warehouse Rack Manufacturer

Professional engineers help you to build your storage racks system.

Warehouse Rack Supplier

According to the size of your forklift,we design the suitable path for you.

For quick offer, kindly inform us your drawing or details as following please

Warehouse Rack Manufacturers

Width X Depth X height of the racking? such as 1800*1000*3500mm, 2000*1200*5000mm, etc.

Warehouse Rack Company

How many beam levels you want? such as two layer, three layer, four layer and so on.

Warehouse Rack Manufacturer

Loading capacity of each beam level? such as 800kg, 1200kg, 2000kg, 3000kg... etc.

Supposed you don`t have details in your mind, please kindly send us below information, we will then work out the layout of pallet racking for your warehouse, and the specifications too.

Warehouse Rack Supplier

The drawing of your warehouse (including length, width, net height, pillars' location, doors' location)

Industrial Racks For Storage

The width of forklift's walking way.

Industrial Racks For Warehouse

Forklift`s lifting height.

Warehouse Rack Manufacturers

Pallet's length, width, loaded height, loaded weight.

We accept order for ready made design, and we are interested to work with you for better designs too.

If you have any request for the racks, please don't hesitate to contact with us. We`ll reply you at our soonest time.

Warehouse Steel Storage Shelf

Warehouse Steel Storage Shelf

Cheapest and functional solution for all kinds of storage and low weight products. Designed with lots of different configurations, easy to set heights, distribution and weight levels. This storage system is usually used on the standard dimensions but it can also be adapted to the dimensions that the client 

More Details For You To Know Maobang Metal Warehouse Shelving

01. Advantage Of Metal Warehouse Shelving

We preserve the original workmanship and pursue the advanced methods to upgrade our products.


Different colors, handles and styles available;


We have purchasing, sales, documentary, logistic departments to promise well proceeding of your order.


Any problem about products after sales, our after sales department and sales person will assist you and give out some proper measures.


Our office situated near canton fair complex, you are welcome to visit during your participation of exposition travel.


Maobang's Racking And Shelving Products
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We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your support for our warehouse storage equipment.

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