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Longspan Steel Storage Rack

Long span shelf racks can be a good choice to your warehouse, which can be adjusted according to various changing needs. It is easy to assemble(Please kindly check the following video), so it can reduce the interference to the work process, save time and the labor cost.

The long span shelves can easily accommodate oversized and heavy goods that require extra space. For users who seek less space than pallet racks but more storage space than traditional racks, the wide span provides an ideal balance. 

The assembly of the long span shelf unit is faster than any other shelf installation, and it can be quickly buckled or installed in place with a minimum of parts. The warehouse long span frame is made of heavy duty steel and can provide an amazing storage capacity of 3000kgs on its own.

There are 3 main components, including uprights, beams and steel panels/plates. According to the shape, size and weight of the storage items, the size of the bracket and shelf can be adjusted to suit your needs. Other accessories that meet your needs can be provided, such as a garment hangar. .Shelves can be placed separately or integrated into the bottom of existing pallet shelves.

The structure of the light-duty racking system is detachable, so it can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.

It is an ideal solution for storing archive boxes and displaying products in supermarkets.

Size could be customized, also the load capacity. If you have any needs for your warehouse, kindly tell us about them, we will try our best to offer you the solution, which can bring you more profit.

Longspan shelves are very easy to assemble and provide a quick and economical way to change your storage area. Our frame is welded before shipped to you, which can make installation quick and easy. Our stepped beams allow flush installation with particle board, wire mesh or steel board. Steel boards are popular in the markets and most commonly used for general applications, because they are more durable than wire mesh or particle board.


Characteristic Of Longspan Steel Storage Rack

Characteristic Of Longspan Steel Storage Rack
  • It allows installation with other storage systems.

  • Ideal for storing archive boxes and spare parts.

  • It facilitates the storage of low volume products.

  • Stored goods are protected from crushing and other damages.

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