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Longspan Warehouse Shelving And Racking

As a reliable material handling equipment of racking and shelving system supplier, our main focus is listen to and understand the what you need for your warehouse, and work to design the more suitable solutions that can achieve their goals and save their cost. Working with us means that you will get these greatest benefits.

①Provide customized solutions of the highest quality material handling system at the most favorable price. We work closely with our customers to develop the best solutions or systems to meet their needs and stay within budget.

②A well trained team of professionals will be assigned to manage your project from start to finish. Our dedicated employees include sales managers, CAD designers, project managers, logistics coordinators, after sales managers and installers.

Normally we will call load weight of each layer from 1 ton to 5 ton as heavy duty racking system, under 500kg we will call it light duty warehouse racking system. Longspan racking is a light duty storage solution with standard size that can safely handle long and bulky items in warehouses or industrial environments.

They are not only easy to assemble, but also can easily adapt to sudden changes in various needs. It can be adjusted to adapt to the new shelf height thanks to its flexibility. If storage requirements change, they can be expanded horizontally. Items are kept safe at all times, providing convenient access and structural efficiency.

Shelving units with long spans can also be provided to meet smaller storage requirements, which provides an ideal solution for storage rooms.


Why purchase racking system from MAOBANG?

Why purchase racking system from MAOBANG?

We can provide a fully customized service; design a shelf system that best suits your situation and needs and is cost effective and efficient. A qualified designer will work with you to plan the layout that best suits you. 

We are not bound by a specific manufacturer, so we can fully meet the design requirements according to customer requirements. All shelves are installed by qualified and well trained fitters. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Moreover, we are one stop warehouse solution, any requirements that are within our production line are available. We will save our customers the cost and make great profit for them. It would be our pleasure to create more profit through our racking system for our customers. Since then, we are more and more highly recommended by customers from all over the world.

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