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warehouse racking price
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Adjustable Moblie Storage Racking

Adjustable Moblie Storage Racking System is the ideal solution to store light weight and middle weight goods, piece goods as well as goods packed in boxes.

Adjustable Moblie Storage Racks are a cost-effective way to shelf your warehouse. Designed for manual storage of products (not pallets), this hybrid storage system combines the advantages of pallet racking and industrial racking. 

Large capacity storage racks are ideal for storing different load types in small and varying quantities. boltless storage racks are used to store large boxes,  cartons and ects. Large-span shelves are an efficient and economical way to store bulk materials.

Large span shelf is a good system to improve warehouse security.Store heavy items securely without fear of shelf failure.Removing these heavy items from the floor into a high-capacity rack system prevents injuries and ensures employee safety.


Specification Of Adjustable Moblie Storage Racking

Specification Of Adjustable Moblie Storage Racking

1. 4 layers storage shelves.

2. Blue, black, orange and mixed colors for option.

3. Load capacity (per the shelf) : 100 to 500 kg.

4. Levels adjustable on each shelf base on your request.

5. CRS(Cold Rolled Steel) material.

6. Removing the adjustable shelves is supported.

7. Easy to assemble, with boltless connections.

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