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4 Layer Warehouse Long Span Widespan Racking System

The brief introduction of  warehouse long span widespan racking system

The Longspan shelf picking system is an ideal solution for manual storage of small and medium non palletizing products.

The medium duty storage shelf Ususlly used in warehouse of supermarket, hardware, autoparts and other goods that without pallet, long span racking is our medium duty storage racking solution, which can be loaded 100-500KG per layer. Designed for installation in narrow places, used to fix boxes, parts or any heavy objects. It still maintains an impressive weight, up to 3000kg per rack. And we have many standard sizes to choose or other sizes are available to meet your requirement.


The different type of widespan racking system

The different type of widespan racking system

In racking industry, there have 3 main racks on load capacity.

First one is Light duty rack, load capacity from 100-300kg each layer;

Ssecond one is Mid heavy duty rack, load 500kg each layer;

Last one is Very heavy duty, load capacity is 1000-5000kg each layer.

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