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Long Span Shelf And Rack

Long span shelf and rack is one kinds of  warehouse adjustable storage racking or heavy duty storage shelf and racks.  Widespan storage shelf is a very economical and convenient warehouse shelf.Shelf is composed of three kinds of components: column, beam and steel plate. 

Light duty storage rack system adopts screw free modular design, easy to install and disassemble. Warehouse racks system suitable for storage of some light small goods. The structure of the light shelf is the same as that of the medium, which can be disassembled and assembled together, and the height can be adjusted freely with the spacing of 5cm. However, the material specification is relatively small, and the bearing capacity is relatively small, so the price of the light shelf is relatively economic, and the structure of the rack should be stable and firm.Suitable for storage of light and medium goods, manual access occasions.


Specifications Of Long Span Shelf And Rack

Load capacity100KG200KG300KG500KG
shelf levelStandard 2-4 levels or depends on your request
ColorBlue or Orange or Gray and custom color

Terms of paymentT/T

ApplicationExpress, logistic, pharmacy, kitchen etc

Characteristic Of Long Span Shelf And Rack

Heavy Duty Racks For Warehouse

Fully assembled structure, easy to assemble, install and disassemble.

Heavy Duty Storage Racks For Warehouse

Shelf material section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the bearing capacity.

Warehouse Racking And Shelving

You can adjustable the height of the beam by 75MM per unit.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf

Less capital investment, widely used in factories, shopping malls and other storage needs.

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